Sabita News

Mayıs 2, 2023
Mustafa Güzel

New Insights / Discovery of A Molecule with Potential in Cancer Treatment

In a study conducted in collaboration with Koc University, Istanbul University and Istanbul Medipol University, a molecule named M47, which reduces the half-life of the Cryptochrome […]
Nisan 24, 2023

SABITA Podcast / Heart Health Week

We present you the new episode of our podcast series on heart health week, one of Prof. Esra Çağavi‘s research topics. In our latest scientific conversation, […]


Mayıs 8, 2023

SABITALKS / Post-Selection Estimation and Prediction Strategies in High-Dimensional Data

Prof. S. Ejaz Ahmed from Brock University is going to be at SABITALKS on May 11 at 14:00. The event will take place as a hybrid. […]
Mart 21, 2023

Critical Mind / March Sessions

SABITA is glad to announce the first “Critical Mind” event on March 24 at 14.00. Dr. Şükriye Bilir, Dr. Tuba Aktürk and Oğuzhan Köse will join […]


Haziran 9, 2022

Rheology Education Program

What is Rheometer? Rheometer is used for rheological analysis of materials. Rheological analysis consists of precisely measuring the geometric configuration of the material concerned while controlling […]
Kasım 24, 2021

Rietveld Analysis Training

On November 10-11-12, 2021, training was held on operating the Bruker D2 phaser device and using the tool-related programs (TOPAS 6 and EVA 6). The training […]


Mayıs 25, 2023

Article / Journal of the American Chemical Society

Development of a Chemogenetic Approach to Manipulate Intracellular pH Asal Ghaffari Zaki, Seyed Mohammad Miri, Şeyma Çimen, Tuba Akgül Çağlar, Esra N. Yiğit, Mehmet Ş. Aydın, […]
Mart 14, 2023

Article / Journal of Biological Rhythms

Diurnal Changes in Capecitabine Clock-Controlled Metabolism Enzymes Are Responsible for Its Pharmacokinetics in Male Mice Yasemin Kubra Akyel, Dilek Ozturk Civelek, Narin Ozturk Seyhan, Seref Gul, Isil Gazioglu, Zeliha Pala Kara, Francis Lévi, Ibrahim Halil Kavakli, Alper Okyar Abstract The […]
Mart 14, 2023

Article / PLoS ONE

A 3-DoF Robotic Platform for the Rehabilitation and Assessment of Reaction Time and Balance Skills of MS Patients Tugce Ersoy, Elif Hocaoglu Abstract The central nervous […]
Şubat 6, 2023

Article / Journal of Molecular Structure

Synthesis of Novel Hybrid Lonidamine-Coumarin Derivatives and Their Anticancer Activities Ozgecan Savlug Ipek, Bilgesu Onur Sucu, Seref Gul, Cigdem Yolacan, Mustafa Guzel Abstract In order to […]
Ocak 27, 2023

Article / BioRxiv

Immunoreactivity Against SLC3A2 in High Grade Gliomas Displays Positive Correlation with Glioblastoma Patient Survival: Potential Target for Glioma Diagnosis and Therapy Nihal Karakas, Ozan Topcu, Erdem Tuzun, Ozlem Timirci Kahraman, Pulat Akin Sabanci,  Yavuz Aras,  […]
Aralık 30, 2022

Article / MedRxiv

Metaproteogenomic Analysis of Saliva Samples from Parkinson’s Disease Patients Across the Spectrum of Cognitive Impairment Muzaffer Arıkan, Tuğçe Kahraman Demir, Zeynep Yıldız, Özkan Ufuk Nalbantoğlu, Nur Damla Korkmaz, Nesrin H. Yılmaz, Aysu Şen, Mutlu Özcan, Thilo Muth, Lütfü Hanoğlu, Süleyman Yıldırım Abstract Cognitive impairment (CI) is […]