Multidisciplinary working environment is provided in the facility by enabling the cooperation of national and international researchers from different disciplines.

Since the biomaterials is one of the pillars of most of the biomedical research fields like tissue engineering, drug development, biosensors, dental and orthopedic application, robotics etc, the laboratory aims to create synergetic solutions for the problem of each field.

Biomaterials and Translational Dental Research facility, focuses on design and development of ideal polymeric carries for the cellular delivery of RNA and DNA for therapeutic purpose, the preparation of smart polymeric nanoparticles or platforms for control dual-drug delivery, development of new theranostics, production of ultrasound active nanoparticles and improving biocompatibility/bioactivity of smart polymeric materials for desired biomedical applications.

The group specifically interests on drag reducing polymer obtained by natural sources that can be used for enhanced tissue perfusion and an alternative resuscitation agent for clinically used one.