New research can support, complement, or even challenge existing studies, leading to new perspectives and advancements in scientific knowledge. As emerging technologies provide new observations and existing data are reinterpreted, scientific understanding can evolve over time. Therefore, it's crucial for national and international researchers to exchange ideas, collaborate, and plan scientific meetings with specific objectives.

At SABITA, we organize regular InFocus scientific gatherings that serve this exact purpose. This series of events brings together researchers from various labs around the world and anyone interested in the topic to share information, brainstorm, and explore potential collaborations.

We present this series as an opportunity for working groups to disseminate and enhance their research, thus adding new value to the scientific community.
Mart 12, 2023

InFocus – From Cell Signaling To Cell Death in Acute Pancreatitis

SPEAKER SCHEDULE SUBSCRIBE Prof. Juan Sastre Department of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia, Spain Juan Sastre Ph.D. Professor of Physiology at the University of […]
Kasım 28, 2022

InFocus / Framing the Future of Animal-Free Drug Testing Platforms

SPEAKERS SCHEDULE SUBSCRIBE Dr. Ashwani Sharma Dr. Ashwani Sharma is currently CEO of Insight Biosolutions, France and MD of Moldoc Biotech Private Limited, India. Dr. Ashwani […]
Kasım 18, 2022

InFocus / Scientific Gatherings With A Purpose

SPEAKERS SCHEDULE SUBSCRIBE Prof. Giovanni E. Mann Professor of Vascular Physiology, King’s College London Professor Mann studied Zoology (1973) at George Washington University and earned his […]