Critical Mind

Critical Mind

Researchers need to ensure that their students' theses or articles, which are conducted at SABITA, gain recognition and visibility among other researchers both inside and outside the institution. The goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, where experts from various fields can come together and contribute by critiquing the same topic from different perspectives. This will involve making scientific presentations that will spark new ideas and help develop critical-analytical thinking skills.

By having students present their articles, the research center aims to create a scientific discussion environment that encourages brainstorming with other students and academicians, leading to new studies and projects.
Eylül 8, 2023

Critical Mind / September Sessions

SABITA is glad to announce the third “Critical Mind” event on September 14 at 14.00. Dr. Berna Yıldırım, Dr. Arife Ahsen Kaplan and MSc Damla Yay […]
Temmuz 20, 2023
critical mind

Critical Mind / July Sessions

SABITA is glad to announce the second “Critical Mind” event on July 28 at 14.00. Asal Zaki and Yusuf Enes Kazcı will join us with their […]
Mart 21, 2023

Critical Mind / March Sessions

SABITA is glad to announce the first “Critical Mind” event on March 24 at 14.00. Dr. Şükriye Bilir, Dr. Tuba Aktürk and Oğuzhan Köse will join […]