Analytical Services

Molecular analyses, toxicity analyses, omics analyses and bioengineering analyses required for your research projects or corporal needs can be performed by our experienced technical staff in the laboratories of our institute with advanced technological research infrastructure. Every process performed in our laboratories is carried out in accordance with the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality. Maintaining our innovative and pioneering mission, we aim to provide a well-designed analysis service from start to finish to ensure that our customers can reach reliable and accurate results as quickly as possible. We can also provide online access to the analysis process when necessary to obtain usable data that meets your research objectives. We can deliver the data sets from analysis to you in any format you request, as well as evaluation and consultancy services from our expert staff in certain fields.
Bioengineering Analytics

XRD has the flexibility to handle a wide range of samples from qualitative and quantitative phase analysis to polymorphism research, crystallinity determination, structure research.

    • Powder Diffraction Pattern Standard Shot
    • Powder Diffraction Pattern Low Angle Shooting

    • Thin Film Diffraction Pattern Capture


With the rheometer, flow analysis such as viscosity measurements, thixotropic character, yield stress, as well as viscoelastic deformation studies such as oscillation, frequency, amplitude scans, dwell, loss and complex modulus and phase angle calculations can be performed.

    • Viscosity Measurement
    • Frequency Scan
    • Strain Scan
    • Temperature Scan


The device can detect mass loss in materials that generally occur as a function of temperature and time. Weight change and jest flow are determined simultaneously.