Cell Culture

Cell Culture Core Facility provides scientists with an environment ensuring aseptic laboratory conditions and basic technical equipments required for the culture of primary and secondary cells.

The facility includes shared Class II Biosafety Cabinets equipped with stereo microscopes, CO2 and N2 regulated cell culture incubators with heating/cooling systems, a phase contrast microscope, a Hoffmann modulation contrast microscope equipped with fluorescence illumination and a microinjection system. In addition, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting system is also present as a sub-facility.

These resources allow researchers not only to maintain primary (cells and tissues isolated from various model organisms like mouse and axolotl) and secondary (a wide range of commercial cell lines) cell cultures in suitable conditions, but also generate new cell lines for future studies. Also, various DNA delivery techniques such as microinjection, electroporation and viral transduction are implemented in this unit.

This facility ensures a high quality collaborative environment where researchers are encouraged to develop techniques for establishing novel in vitro models using different organisms.