Advanced Microscopy

Advanced Microscopy Facility provides a well-equipped infrastructure to conduct advanced scientific research requiring a wide range of techniques from fluorescent imaging to nanometre-scale high-resolution visualisation technologies.

These microscopy techniques enable real-time imaging in tissue samples and cell cultures, as well as to produce detailed three-dimensional images of soft tissue and bone structure of live animals. The unparalleled sensitivity of the systems makes it the ideal live-cell imaging, allowing for high-speed acquisition, supporting both in vivo and in vitro studies.

The unit is equipped with confocal and multi-photon fluorescent microscopes, transmission and scanning electron microscopes, fluorescent stereomicroscope, microdissection microscopes and lightsheet microscope, as well as sample preparation techniques such as microtome, ultra-microtome, and frozen sectioning.

Advanced Microscopy Facility, with its wide range state-of-the-art medical devices, makes it easier for the researchers to conduct deep and dynamic research projects. Therefore, the process of developing novel methods, products or technologies from bench to bedside is supported with the technological amendments.